Inspiring Professionals’ Profiles–Felice Bernard of TimeSpring

Felice Bernard Founder of TimeSpring, Inc NEW YORK, USA

Total Prestige Magazine’s Inspiring Professional’ Profiles–Highlights TimeSpring, a technology for every generation.

“Felice Bernard used to teach her high school English students “The Great Gatsby” and “Of Mice and Men”. As she taught students about the American Dream through each novel and how the characters aimed to achieve it. Influenced by the themes of the books, Bernard began to think about creating her own business and entering the entrepreneurial world.

Being a mother, she found that taking and sharing photos was far different due to modern technology. She missed the days when a photo album was about stories that were passed down from one generation to the next.

Having a desire to leave education and step into the business realm, Bernard found away to bridge the gap between modern photo technology and the photo albums of the past. In 2017, after 18 long months of hard work, Bernard launched TimeSpring, a photo sharing app that sends images to a loved one at a pre-set time and date in the future. TimeSpring allows users to send a photo years into the future to a loved one. Mothers and fathers can send photos to their children 20 years into the future that were take on the day the youngsters were born.

Bernard’s creation is connecting people even posthumanously. TimeSpring has also allowed grandparents and terminally ill patients to upload photos and set a send date in the future to reconnect once they have parted.

The former high school teacher turned app entrepreneur has been overwhelmed with the response of TimeSpring. Recently, Bernard took time to speak with TotalPrestigeMagazine about the app, her career, and what users can expect.”

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