Racing Through Life? Here’s 5 Ways that Sending a Message to the Future Helps You Become More Present Today

TimeSpring’s send-to-self feature will help promote mindfulness and positive thinking.

TimeSpring’s send-to-self feature is a new innovative way to enhance mindfulness and positive thinking. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the present moment and being able to assess yourself both with and without your surroundings. Becoming more mindful is reported to have many health benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, and even developing a stronger immune system. Although mindfulness has become a popular topic in news and health communities, our busy, fast-paced lives are not congruent with these recommended practices. Fortunately, TimeSpring’s time-released technology can assist in helping you on the road to becoming more present in your life.

1. Promote Mindfulness

TimeSpring is an easy, meaningful way to start the process of becoming more mindful and introspective. You can send yourself a favorite quote or poignant picture and schedule it to bounce back a month or years into the future. By sending yourself a future message, you force yourself to consider who you are today and who you will be in the future. Or maybe it might not be who you are, but where you are in your life and your current situation. Either way, sending a TimeSpring message can have a cathartic effect on the brain and it’s easy to add to your routine.

2. Set Reminders

Whether they be a long-term to-do list or a more personal, spiritual reminder, start setting TimeSpring reminders for yourself. With our busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, sometimes it’s hard to think too far ahead, but TimeSpring makes it effortless. Easily scroll to your desired date, and you can set reminders for days, months, or years in advance. On the emotional front, it’s good to remind yourself of good times in your lives with a video, photo, or sage advice. Be it a good memory or a painful one, sending yourself a message is an effective practice to stay organized or remain present.

3. Make Positive Affirmations

Use TimeSpring to make and keep positive affirmations and harness positive thinking. Positive affirmations are simply positive statements that can help you overcome challenges in life. Whether you’re telling yourself to “Enjoy the moment” or confirming that, “I learn from my mistakes”, the act of saying it and sending it to yourself can help re-program the mind and conquer life’s obstacles.

4. Stay on track

TimeSpring is being used to track weight loss journeys in fitness centers and in the home. The old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ most definitely applies to weight loss. A picture can be instrumental in motivating someone to lose weight or to recognize the progress they’ve made. Capturing your before and after photos using TimeSpring is a simple, efficient way to track your progress. By setting TimeSpring goals and sending pictures to be delivered at a specific weigh in times like 30, 60, and 90 days, helps keep you accountable and on point with a diet and exercise regime.

5. Journaling

Sending a message to yourself is very much like writing in a journal. Using the send-to-self feature, one can write down their thoughts and document a time with video and pictures. Many who journal are often surprised by what they wrote when looking back on their entries, and TimeSpring has a very similar effect. With TimeSpring, your journal entry can bounce back to you at special times in your life like a birthday or holiday.

Becoming more mindful does not happen overnight; it takes time and calls for making active changes in your life, and TimeSpring can be a accessible and free addition to your routine on the road to a more mindful life.