The Gift of Time from TimeSpring: How TimeSpring is helping ALS victims

TimeSpring, the mobile application that enables future messaging is helping victims of ALS by giving them the gift of time to share wisdom beyond their years.

What is ALS?
Coping with the diagnosis of a life-threatening or a terminal illness is overwhelming and debilitating for the patient and his or her family. For someone diagnosed with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and formerly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a diagnosis could mean that a person has two- to five- year life expectancy. ALS is characterized by a slow and sometimes rapid loss of muscle mobility, followed by loss of speech, and eventually the ability to breathe. ALS is often referred colloquially as one the cruelest diseases, because it slowly robs its’ victims of mobility, all while keeping a person’s mind intact to witness their decline and, then it eventually renders them speechless. Though there are emerging technologies and experimental trial and treatments becoming more available, there is still no cure for ALS, and it remains a 100% terminal illness.

The Gift of Time
One single diagnosis affects the lives of many: from spouses, to children, grandchildren, friends, family, and caregivers; it’s important to keep loved ones close and appreciate the time we are given. Ensuring that a person’s legacy can carry on whether it be a birthday message or sage advice is important to people, whether they’re healthy, or in these cases,  suffering from ALS. TimeSpring is making a commitment to ensure that people can schedule their future messages to those that they love and rest assured knowing that they have captured a piece of time that will be enjoyed for years to come.

For more reading on ALS check out “ALS and TimeSpring: Giving the Gift of Time”. If you know someone who is suffering from ALS, other neurodegenerative disease or terminal- and life-threatening illness and you’d like to contact TimeSpring about it, please email or share your story in our sharing portal.