Sending Messages to My Girls In the Future with TimeSpring App

The following is an honest TimeSpring App review from Mummy & Liss

“…I absolutely love social media, not only is it part of my job but it is also the place where most of our memories are shared. I’ve written a few letters to my daughter on my blog before but I recently came across an app called TimeSpring that I wanted to share with you all. Its an app that allows you to send time-released messages meaning that I can write a letter and my girls could receive it on a date in the future that I choose. How amazing is that! It doesn’t matter that they’re still young and aren’t anywhere near old enough to set up email addresses, I can set up accounts for them and build it all up, adding an email address in the future.”

Photo provided by Mummy & Liss

“I tried my hardest to fill out a pregnancy journal…”

“I’ve always been a sucker for diaries, scrapbooks, photo albums – anything with sentimental value really but I share the majority of my life online and love to document our memories to look back on. I tried my hardest to fill out a pregnancy journal with Alyssia but totally lost track and didn’t ever complete it, with this new app I can write down memories from my pregnancy for the girls to look back on in the future and I just love the idea of that. Not only can you send messages but you can also upload photographs & videos too. It’s also a great way of getting the grandparents involved, all they have to do is download the app and accept your invitation to receive, send or share on the app. This is also great if you have family who don’t live nearby, or if for example nanny wanted to join in and send letters and photographs to the girls.”

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