Storing Memories and Sending Memories this Summer with TimeSpring

I am a huge fan of storing memories. One of the main reasons I started blogging and set up my first blog all those years ago was as a way to record all my memories from life as a first time single mum with Cameron when I was finishing off my final year of university.

I am always the girl with the camera in one hand, recording those special moments to then share via social media, and one of those rather annoying people who share all the ‘on this day’ memories that pop up on Facebook year after year, and until now that was about the extent of my memory storage.

When I was introduced to the TimeSpring app, I instantly fell in love with the concept. It provides a way to keep those precious memories for your future self, or share with those closest to you at whatever point in the future you choose.

Although some people might see it as morbid, I love the idea of storing memories throughout the children’s childhood, for them to look back on when grandparents and relatives are no longer with us.

Unlike my generation, who might have physical photo albums to leaf through when feeling a little nostalgic, many people these days don’t go to the effort of actually printing photos out, opting instead to keep them immortalized on the internet.

Add a loved one

The app is perfect for collating memories, whether special milestones, or just everyday ordinary moments, that will be nice to look back on in years to come. I have been sending over the photos from our summer so far, and excited to look back on them when the children are a little older. How lovely will it be too see how much they’ve grown?

Create individual TimeSpring accounts

Another great use for the app is something altogether less serious. I have been finding it really useful to send little reminders to Ed about plans we have in the calendar, or to remind him that I love him.

Attach a photo or video and write a message

The handy ‘select a delivery date’ tool allows me to schedule in my messages to him in advance as a little surprise for him a few days later, kind of like the post it note left on the pillow of the 21st century!

Select a date in the future

It’s so handy that the app shows you a preview of your message before you send, so that you can ensure everything is perfect before hitting send and locking your message in.

See your pending and delivered messages

Get familiar with your profile

I have always been intrigued by time capsules, and I put one together when I was a little girl with a friend in my back garden, the TimeSpring app, and its time-released messages, reminds me a little of a digital time capsule, and I would recommend giving it a download (available via Apple and Android) if you’re a sentimental old soul like I am.

**Thank you Even Angles Fall for your kind words on TimeSpring and we hope you continue storing memories! For more ways to use TimeSpring check out “Sending Messages to My Girls in the Future with TimeSpring App”