Treasuring Moments with TimeSpring: Save photos and video with TimeSpring

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“I’m a sucker for “making memories” be it taking photos or keeping mementoes from outings. I can remember watching the videos my Dad made of me and my brother growing up and it’s such a nostalgic thing for me now to look back at baby photos, or watch the videos…

It’s going to be Amelia’s 2nd Birthday in no time at all and like clockwork, I’m already feeling nostalgic of her last birthday and of course when she was born, so I’m cracking out the photo album looking through her photos and digging through my hard drive trying to find videos of when Amelia was born and I was getting so frustrated I couldn’t find them all easily, so when TimeSpring – an app that allows you to send photos and videos with time-released messages offered to collaborate with me, I jumped at the chance as it’s exactly my kind of app!”

“I’ve already got my family hooked and have a message saved ready to send the day of Amelia’s birthday coming up with a cheeky photo of her from her party last year!”

Getting started couldn’t be easier, just click the Green + to Add friends and family, and once you’ve got people added you can begin to send messages!  Simply click the write message icon in the bottom right corner and by pressing the ‘To’ section, it brings you up a list of people you have added to TimeSpring to select from, you can opt to send it to yourself, or multiple people, then type your subject, message and add an image or video if you like, then it’s time to select the delivery date!

Photos of TimeSpring app have been provided by LucieLovesIt.

Once you’ve picked the date, it creates the TimeSpring message and sits as a pending message until the date! How amazing is that?

“It’s been a great way to save photos. My dad created one the other day saying how magical it was seeing Amelia in his garden playing with the shovel and included the picture of it in the message and I can’t wait for Amelia to grow up and read all the messages we’ve sent! I’d 100% recommend TimeSpring to anyone, not just those with a child. Whilst it’s lovely to record those memories and send them not only to friends and family, but to your child for when they are older, but it’s also great to share those embarrassing photos for Dad’s birthday every year too!”

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