TimeSpring app on NewsWatch

NewsWatch review of the TimeSpring App that enables time-released messaging

Have you ever taken a photo of your kids and thought, “I have to show them this when they’re older”? But with all the thousands of photos and video on our phones, how can we ensure that our kids will see them? And hear the stories behind the photos? Well, we’ve found a solution for that. TimeSpring! Check out NewsWatch’s review of the TimeSpring app, and learn about the future of photo sharing.

What is TimeSpring?
Nominated for 2018 Best Mobile App Award, TimeSpring is a mobile platform that enables time-released messaging. People can send photos, video, and sentiment to an unlimited number of recipients and have them delivered up to thirty years in the future. For parents, it has become a way to share memories (photos and video) with children. For grandparents, it has become a way to always stay connected to their children and grandchildren even beyond their lifetime. For people who are unfortunate to have a terminal illness, it’s the security of leaving behind a legacy for those that they love, and provides time for those who are so cheated by it. It is easy to use. Simply add recipients to your TimeSpring wheel, and start scheduling messages to be received at the future date.

How does the TimeSpring App Work? 

Using time-released messaging, TimeSpring enables you to schedule photos, videos, and sentiment for loved ones at future dates and even years into the future. Here’s how it works: Add family, friends, and children to your TimeSpring wheel. To create an account for children too young for email, just leave the email empty; you can go back to edit profiles and messages at any time. Fill your TimeSpring wheel, and you’re ready to start scheduling messages. Simply, select a recipient, compose a message, attach a photo or video, and schedule the date to be unlocked.

Who’s using the TimeSpring App? 

Parents can connect with children as they mature. Grandparents and people terminally ill can share stories and wisdom beyond their years. Or send messages to your future self by using the send-to-self feature. You can download the free TimeSpring app in the App Store or head over to timespring.com.

Thank you NewsWatch for such a thorough review of TimeSpring. To learn more about how TimeSpring works read up on this new technology here