Social Platform TimeSpring Enables Time-Released Messaging

TimeSpring is a social platform that enables time-released messaging, so one can take a photo or video today, and instead of sending it to someone in real time they can schedule it to be delivered to someone at a date in the future. This allows people to not only share in different time frames, but with future generations.
Below is our recent interview with Felice Bernard, the Founder of TimeSpring:Click here to read more.

Q: Could you tell us something more about time-released messaging?
A: With time-released messaging, parents and grandparents can send messages to children by creating accounts for them and saving these messages for when a child is mature enough understand and appreciate the story behind a photo. With this growing trend of thinking critically about the future, people are using TimeSpring in a myriad of ways: Parents are sending memories to children, friends, and spouses. Grandparents who are becoming increasingly more tech savvy are sending messages to their grown children and grandchildren. For people who are unfortunate to have a terminal illness, TimeSpring provides the security of leaving behind a legacy for those that they love, and gives time for those who are so cheated by it. Many users of all ages enjoy sending messages to their future selves, whether it be for weight loss purposes or tracking goals and ambitions; there are many reasons to send a time-released message.
It’s quite remarkable how time appreciates that value of our memories. You look back on a photo from five years ago, and we pause and say, “Where did the time go?” This is only magnified when you witness how fast children grow. What makes TimeSpring so special is adding the element of time to the equation. Even an everyday memory like your Dad taking a video of you brushing your teeth before bed, sent with a note, and scheduled ten years forward, upon receipt, that memory has value, and if that father is no longer alive, well then, that message is now priceless.

Q: How exactly does it work?
A: The process behind the app is simple: Users install it for free, fill their TimeSpring wheel with friends, family, and children. Once you fill your TimeSpring wheel and start sending your future messages! Just like sending an e-mail, you attach photos or videos, write a note, tell the story behind the photos, and schedule a delivery date up to 30 years into the future. If it is a child you are sending to, leave the e-mail blank and it can be activated when they are old enough. At any point in time you can edit profiles, e-mail addresses, and of course, delivery dates. When you send a message, we store it, and your memory will unlock at the time that you prescribe, and at that point the recipient of the message will be notified that they’ve received a TimeSpring message.

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