10 Ways to Use Time-Released Messaging

People are using TimeSpring in all sorts of ways, all of which help strengthen bonds between family and friends in ways that we never had the opportunity to do in the past.

Parent to child

In regard to parenting, the expression applies: “The days are long, but the years are short”. In other words, as busy as we can be caring for children day to day, the time flies. It can be an expression in a photo, or something a child says when we realize, “They are growing up!” We find ourselves wanting to share details about our children, but they’re just not old enough to comprehend or mature enough to understand some of the sentiment that we want to share. It’s these times when sending a TimeSpring is the most important, so you can capture how they were, and express to them what it was like growing up through your lens as a parent and, of course, the lens of your camera.

Grandparent to Grandchild

Becoming a grandparent really puts your life and accomplishments into perspective: Being able to send a TimeSpring is so special for grandchildren, who will not remember the times you shared when they were infants or toddlers, but would still enjoy hearing the stories that you have to share with them. What greater gift than to send a birthday message to your grandchild, and don’t forget your grown-up children too, for every birthday whether you’re here or not.

Friend to Friend

Some photos we would like to forget, but others are so classic, we want to make sure that we always have them. When photos or video are accompanied with a story, it’s a modern alternative to scrapbooking, while also more private and nostalgic then posting to social media.

To a Loved one

A card is always thoughtful way to acknowledge a significant other’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and of course, anniversaries. Surprising your spouse or loved one with a TimeSpring message lets them know that you were thinking of them even at times when it was unexpected, and it’s those gestures that are often the most romantic.

Send to Self

We all have to keep ourselves accountable and not just for the coming of the new year. It is very rewarding to send yourself a quick note whether it’s a reminder of a goal that you want to accomplish, or a quote or picture that you found inspirational at the time. We’re sure that your future self wouldn’t mind getting a message from the 20-year-younger-you as a blast from the past.

Send Posthumously

One of TimeSpring’s most valuable features is that although life can be unexpected, your TimeSpring messages remain on schedule and pending delivery. The messages that you send today will still be delivered whether you’re here or departed. For some, that’s a very comforting thought since coping with the loss of someone you love is universally challenging and leaving a legacy becomes more important as you age.

For Weight loss

Using the send-to-self feature, you can easily track your weight loss goals and continue to motivate yourself by sending before and after photos to yourself. When trying to stay fit, lose weight, or maintain healthy habits and mindfulness, we take any help we can get. Add your trainer to your TimeSpring, and they too, can help motivate and support you on your journey.

Save a recipe

Sometimes the easiest way to save something like an old recipe is to take a picture of it. Send your family the best and even the secret family recipes, so they are never lost and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Send to multiple people at once

Sending a TimeSpring to all of your children fosters a connection between them. It’s the moments that you catch between siblings or a family memory accompanied with a story is that helps shape a family identity. It’s also a poignant reminder just how important the sibling relationship can be.

Surprise someone

Be it a friend or a family member it’s always nice to show someone that you were thinking about them. A TimeSpring always appreciates in value; in other words, the more time that passes between when a message is sent and when it is to be opened, the longer the time, the more special the message. You’ll be happy to record that slice of time since it goes by so quickly.