New App Makes Memories Last Longer

Publication: Yorktown Crier- The Poquoson Post
New App Makes Memories Last Longer
February 1-7
By Kelly Allen


The recent blizzard and snow days in the area may have local parents feeling a bit of cabin fever lately; but as seasons change, memories are created in abundance and the desire to suspend time in motion is also a paradox we are all likely to experience in some manner of form. As I recently took my almost 3 year old out for her first sledding experience, I was fully immersed in the moment. I loved the cold, coastal air quickly filling my lungs and could (almost) ignore the numbing pain of below freezing temps cutting my toes while I blissfully listened to her echoing screams of joy in those first few moments we flew down the hill. I wished it would last forever. As a toddler, I know this ‘first’ memory of hers will not likely be something we can have conversations about years from now, as she won’t likely remember. It’s more my memory than hers, and she’s too young, now, to understand the importance of that moment for me. That is, not without the help of technology.

With the service of a recently developed App called ‘TimeSpring’, one can capture text, photo and video messages to send to recipients, or even groups of recipients, for them to receive in the future. Felice Bernard, Founder and CEO of TimeSpring recently launched the innovative App, primarily, as a means to bridge generational gaps and allow for parents or grandparents to send messages for their children and grandchildren to receive later in time. As a mother of three, Bernard said that she was inspired to create the App after carrying on the tradition of writing letters in present time for her children to read at various milestones in the future; a tradition her own mother started with her. In her own words, “becoming a parent is a whirlwind”, and “the idea of passing on sentiment is something that not only resonates with me, but I realized SO MANY parents and loved ones could benefit from.”

Since its recent launch in November of 2017, TimeSpring, Bernard says, “has taken on a life of its own!” She excitedly described the way in which its growing user-base has creatively expanded its initial target demographic of grandparents/parents/children to practically ANYONE wanting to connect via a personalized message. She described instances of people even sending messages to themselves in the future to encourage obtaining weight loss goals, remind friend groups of inside jokes, or in a more practical sense to send reminders to yourself. Never forget to celebrate an anniversary again! What makes TimeSpring unique and exciting, is that sending messages to the future creates and element of surprise for the recipient that current social media platforms fall short of. An armed services member, for example, can send his son an encouraging video pep-talk before his first big baseball game if he knows he’ll be deployed during that time. The possibilities are truly endless.

To download the app, one can visit or visit the AppStore or GooglePlay. From there you will find the App’s signature logo which is a simple geometric design reminiscent of a green ferris wheel. Bernard, a former High School English teacher, once again became animated describing the motif of the ferris wheel being a ride in circular motion, “much like life” it is symbolic of time, continuity and family. Less obvious, but fun to discover were the logo’s colors; which also brought depth to the visual representation of her company. The green wheel and brown base hints at a display of that of a tree. “Like a family tree…. The people in your TimeSpring wheel are your inner circle, they are the most important people in your life.”

When discussing the rapid success of the App since its launch, Bernard humbly says she measures not by revenue or user count, but by personal anecdotes of those that use the app. What brings her joy is knowing how much joy the App is bringing to others. “I personally use TimeSpring ALL the time. When I send a message, I feel great! Even if I was the only one using the service, it would have been worth it to make.” For more information visit or the AppStore.