A New Way to Share Memories With Time-Released Messages

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Your stories are your treasures. Your photos and videos capture incredible memories that need to be shared… at just the right time. We’re excited to introduce you to a brilliant new app that gives a superpower to your stories, By Susan: A New Way to Share Memories With Time-Released Messages 

Have you ever thought about when your photos, videos, and stories have the most power? When those images and words carry the most weight? It’s not the moment you snap them and then save them to your phone or even when you upload them to your Facebook and Instagram feed. The time when those photos and videos turn into the magic of a memory is when they are shared later with the special people who truly care about the moment captured and the story behind it.

These days we’re all used to instantly sharing countless photos and videos of our lives online with hundreds of “friends” who may double click, or hit “like”, as they scroll through an endless feed. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I love scrolling through Facebook and Instagram to see what people are doing and to admire beautiful photography. But sharing those photos in real-time with hundreds of people is entirely different than sharing a certain photo, and the story behind that photo, with the one person who really cares about it. When shared with the right person, at just the right time, a photo and the story behind it transform into a memory.

Introducing TimeSpring
TimeSpring is an exciting new mobile app that allows you to share your photos and videos along with personal letters as Time-Released Messages to the special people in your life. The TimeSpring app is available for Apple and Android devices. TimeSpring’s mission is to make it easy for us to save our memories for the long-term, and for future generations. They want it to be easy for us to save and communicate stories, and build a legacy. Giving your memories a life of their own.

It is a new way to preserve your memories and share them with your children, grandchildren and other family members at any time in the future. Using the TimeSpring app is simple. Just add family and friends to your TimeSpring wheel and start scheduling memories to be shared.

You send time-released messages like this…

Select a family member or friend.
1. Create a new message and attach a photo or video.
2. Type a note to accompany the photo or video.
3. Schedule the date when you want the message to be sent.
TimeSpring is the ideal place to preserve your personal stories and share them with your family when the time is right.

The Story Behind The Photo
My kids love to see photos and videos of themselves when they were younger. But one of the best parts of looking at old photos together is the stories that I tell them about what was happening before, during and after the camera snapped the picture. With TimeSpring, you can write out those special notes and save them with the photo for the recipient to read later. I love that the app encourages you to think of messages to say to your loved one in the future. Too often the details we know in the moment are soon forgotten.

Leaving A Legacy
The memories and stories we gather as we move through this crazy adventure called life are the most important legacy that we can share with our children. But every day some of those special memories and stories are lost. We forget crucial details and feelings fade as the importance of a moment is blurred into the next task on our to do list.

I’ve spent so many nights laying in bed imagining what I want to tell my daughters at different milestones… when they turn 16, when they start college, when they get married, or when they find out they’re pregnant for the first time. To be honest, I worry that I won’t be there. But even once I calm my fears of the worst, I know that I won’t remember everything that’s in my head right now. By this time next year, I won’t even remember what I’m thinking at this moment. As a blogger, I have a strangely public version of memories for my kids. I’ve written blog posts and saved photos of them on my website that they can read today and for as long as our site stays online. But those blog posts and photos are all public. And now that my girls have gotten older, they are now 10 and 12, I don’t post very many personal photos and I don’t share private stories. So I’ve started to worry that unlike the early days of our blog, I’m not capturing all the stories I want to tell my girls later in life. I want to capture and tell their stories digitally… but I want to do it privately… and I want to deliver the messages to them in the future, when I think the time will be right for them to hear what I have to say.

Passing Down Life Lessons
Tonight, I actually had a really amazing chat with my two girls about some important lessons I’d learned in life as a teenager. It was a pretty heavy discussion and my 12-year-old Julia commented on how interesting it was to think of me as an actual person outside of being her mother. She said she’d never really thought about how I’d had this whole life before I was her mom. And she even admitted it was cool that they could learn from my stories and my mistakes. As mothers there are so many lessons and insights we can share with our children. But, I think many times we miss the chance.

Using TimeSpring, it is easy to record everything from the little moments in your family’s routine to powerful life lessons and send them to your children and grandchildren in these unique time-released messages. So go ahead… Get started scheduling your memories to be enjoyed in the future by your friends and family.

Download TimeSpring for Apple or Android now.